Thursday, January 05, 2006

A Beautiful Mind

This is the movie all the hullaballoo was about? I am underwhelmed in every regard. Everything was perfectly acceptable but that means it was just a TV Movie of the Week, a really good Movie of the Week. John Nash's Nobel info is much more interesting.
The unsensational treatment of schizophrenia was welcome but I'm not convinced it was intentional. The relative lack of explosions and gunfire was also welcome, but it does not add up to anything like a great film.

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  1. The second disc of bonuses is generous. The makeup director described the methods and rationale of the makeup lucidly. They ended up mixing Russell Crowe's age makup qua Russell Crowe and Nash's actual visage. The result is that he looks a lot like Jason Robards. The goop they use is realistic.


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