Monday, October 03, 2005

Voporak is coming

Mata Targhetta reports that the Voporak ("3-in-1") is on its way. The Toa Maiden must be made ready!


  1. Hmm...out of curiosity, isn't voporak the green visorak,or is it the black one?Oh cheese I remember,It's the 60$ Ketongu,roodaka and sidorak combiner...or at least I think it is!So out of curiosity,will the Toa Maiden be using anything other than that stick she allways uses, to fight that...thing?You know,like a larger staff,dual Kanoka Launchers,explosive,etc.?I mean,that...combiner thingy is at least 20 inches tall!


  2. 20"! ? I wish! He's a bit squat as it turns out not a lot heftier than Roodaka.

    Some say that the Toa Maiden is a weapon. I think that is she has to fight Voporak, she will certainly use her wits, or even guile. It may turn out that they won't battle at all.


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