Tuesday, February 10, 2004

p.s. I am not a crank, sir!

mzsvapo: http://www.thelobstercam.com/
Kyle Beatty: I love that since July 1, 1999 there have been two pictures worth archiving. Plus one described as 'not exciting.'
Kyle Beatty: Ad copy suitable for the commercial break of any daytime game show: "Sealure is a natural hide bait specially treated with a highly potent, scientifically developed chemoreceptor scent. Sealure Lobster & Crab Bait is available from a variety of distributors."
Kyle Beatty: Lord of the Rings has a 1:1 ratio of "Thanks to" credits to frames of film. Lobstercam has Bruce Leiter.
Kyle Beatty: atwoodlobster.com sells something they call a Jumbo Lobster yet there is no link to a memorial page bringing to mind those brave lobstermen who died in hand-to-hand combat with the Jumbo Lobster. (You know, I can actually hear the whistle of my karma being sucked away by the ghosts of fishermen who have perished lobstering, just not those who went garra y mano with Moby Langosta.)
Kyle Beatty: How jumbo can anything be that fits on a plate!
Kyle Beatty: Oh, I see! A giant among LOBSTERS. Pfft!
Kyle Beatty: I've played a few chapters of Half-Life and I think I know a thing or two about fighting Jumbo Lobsters.

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