Wednesday, July 30, 2003

This is not my wonderful life — I don't have that kind of energy

An excerpt from the day of a friend of mine. Names, places changed to protect, extort the innocent, guilty.

I'm meeting Armando downtown for shopping, then I'm going to go to Sprachett's — 124 Elm St. — for happy hour and to review it, then at 6:30 I'm off to pick up Frank's wife, Marilyn, to go to Norwegietown and have a cocktail at Rochambeau's, a new restaurant I have to write up for Monday, before going to bookgroup at Clarise's. Oh, and I have to meet up with a woman named Betty Merry who I met last night at treat myself for my last ever Murty's quiz, I went to Ponio's with a $20 gift card Frida gave me and managed to leave my bookgroup book behind —unfinished, of course — but luckily Betty, who was sitting opposite me in the bar and is also a writer who was there to use her $20 gift card, and I exchanged email addresses, so she retrieved it for me and now I'm hoping she'll email me back today and tell me where to meet up with her to reclaim it.

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