Thursday, March 27, 2003

In Bad Taste or Merely Oblivious?

The following was copied from Given the events in Iraq, I am hard pressed to say whether the good folk at Lego are having a little dark fun or are simply presenting the scenarios they wrote months and months ago.

Desert Showdown

Disaster in the sands for the Toa Nuva
By Takua

The Toa had tracked the thieves of their symbols all across Mata Nui, returning at last to the sandy expanse of Po-Wahi. Deep in the desert, they finally caught up with the mysterious Bohrok-Kal.

The creatures’ eyes glowed with a cunning intelligence. Their gleaming shells bore reptilian patterns surrounding strange symbols. They raised their shields and, incredibly, they spoke!

“We are the Bohrok-Kal,” said one in a voice like metal scraping stone. “We search for Cahdok and Gahdok, queens of the swarms.”

“Tell us where you have hidden the Bahrag and then stand aside,” said another, “We have no wish to harm helpless foes.”

Angered by their tone, Lewa Nuva leaped into action, but the impulsive Toa of Air found himself pinned in place by the magnetic force of Gahlok-Kal. Onua Nuva tried to end the battle with a single blow, but Pahrok-Kal’s plasma held him at bay. As Tahu Nuva attempted to protect his fellow Toa with the Mask of Shielding, Nuhvok-Kal’s mastery of gravity sent him crashing to the ground. Then the Bohrok-Kal turned the full force of their powers on the heroes of Mata Nui.

When the Toa Nuva awakened, the creatures were gone.

“This was one of those look-before-you-leap things, wasn't it?” said Lewa Nuva. “I guess I’m still mad about the tree. Stupid bugs.”

Kopaka Nuva’s mood was predictably cold. “If they free the Bahrag, the swarms will return to their mission. We cannot allow this to happen.”

“The Bohrok-Kal faced us together, while we stood apart,” said Gali Nuva sadly. “This is what I feared when we went our separate ways. As powerful as we became, it is in our unity that our true strength lies.”

Now the quest of the Toa Nuva has become even more desperate. They must find the Bahrag, defeat the Bohrok-Kal and end the threat of the swarms for good – all without the aid of their elemental powers!

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